Qkagamine rin45110

Renda outfit #2

Renda Reno was made days after Niji Kara (on utau wiki) to be seen as a rival or friend. but it was difficult for the owner of Renda to make a voice bank for her so she decided to make her into a HUMAloid.

renda oufit #1

Some information about Renda:

age: 12

weight: 96 lbs

likes: stars, utauloid's, vocaloid's,making new friends, animals, dressing up like rin kagamine.

dislikes: mean people, people confusing her for a guy,maid outfit's, being called shrimp.

character item:

Drill, a bunny plush, lollipop's

personality: she is quiet around people she doesn't know but around her friends she is nice and love's to play with them. she is seen as imature and weak but don't let her look's fool you! she also see's the older HUMAloid's as teacher's or parent's.

Background: Renda Reno is a 12 year-old who wanted to become an utau but had failed because her voice sound's identicle to a human so she finally realized that she was a HUMAloid. she has a older brother called Tenzo Reno but they both look very identicle and sometimes are seen as twin's or a couple.

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