Tenzo final design

Renda prettier

Tenzo primary design

Tenzo Being older the renda by a year is known to be more mature but always seem's to sound dull when singing. also is very shy towards girl's and has a tendency to stutter. when it come's to guy's in that matter he is very aggresive and only show's his bad side towards the guys who make fun of him or to those who don't respect girl's. for example once his little sister renda was pushed by Jun kara and immediatly tenzo went beserk. looking innocent as he is he may have yandere towards male's only.


weight: 102 lbs

Likes: playing with his sister, helping around the community, Nice male Humaloids and utauloids, and the crescent moon.

Dislikes: desrespectful people, being known as a girl, not being able to sing clearly, showing his bad side.

Character items:

Drill, a donkey plush, a scarf

Personality: Tenzo is regurlaly shy around everyone and barely talks. he has a crush on misa but he doesn't really show it since he is also scared of her. he tries to follow oni's foot steps as a older brother and tries to only mimic the positive things fom his prespective.

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